Compositor, Digital Matte Painer

Create high quality compositing and Digital Matte Painting work for visual effects projects :

· Review client and company notes and determine type, placement, and number of Matte Painting elements required

· Evaluate the look of CG to integrate Matte Painting

· Determine appropriate element selection and integrate layers or elements of live-action photography and CG into a seamless VFX shot

· Perform 2D tracking, matte extraction, paint fixes, rotoscoping, 2D/3D camera and plate tracking selection and layering of elements and color grading

· Use Python to create tools and plugins for enhanced animation and compositing

· When necessary, perform R&D and look-dev and build shot templates

· Prepare tests of proposed Digital Matte Painting to demonstrate progress and synchronization of matte work

· Finalize and integrate the final elements of visual effects projects

 Multiple Positions


·       Bachelors in Animation or related field

·      Completion of 12 university level semester units in Digital Matte Painting and Python which may be gained through completion of  coursework or project.

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