Project Manager



Your Role—                                                                                                                                                                                              The Project Manager oversees the renovation/restoration of our clients’ high-end
properties within Manhattan.

The Project Manager is:

— Responsible for securing, scheduling, and managing all sub-contractors and
ensuring Top Hat quality standards are adhered to.     
— Highly skilled at meticulously scoping a project to ensure profitability.                                                                                           — Serves as Client Representative/Sales Contact when we outsource to a GC partner.

The Project Manager will prepare job estimates and associated timelines in conjunction
with the client, and work closely with client’s architect and design professionals. They will also secure/schedule trades to ensure timelines and Top Hat quality standards
are adhered to.

This position provides the Project Manager an opportunity to lead a renovation/
restoration, working directly with the Client from inception to final walk-thru.

The renovation/restoration projects are sourced through two avenues:                                                                                              — Existing Top Hat clients who are on an annual maintenance plan                                                                                                             — Outside clients requesting Top Hat renovation services


— Conduct an in-depth analysis of the project to come up with the budget and deliverables; including cost estimates for labor, supplies, materials and other project costs.

— Maintain client communications throughout renovation and ensure we are meeting/exceeding client expectations at each stage.

‚— Ensure that the construction project complies with all safety, building, and city regulations.

— Maintain project financials; track spend, monitor/capture job order changes and process payment requests.

— Implement management techniques that are cost-effective and efficient.

— Create schedules for trade staff and subcontractors; hire additional subcontractors and assign work accordingly.

— Coordinate materials and equipment delivery with vendors and suppliers.

— Work closely with architects and engineers to establish the requirements for
construction; work closely with design professionals to ensure finish product 
expectations are met.

— Establish risk factors, then manage and mitigate them to ensure the construction goes smoothly.

What You’ll Accomplish—

You will lead the construction delivery team from day one. Your expertise in securing
appropriate trades, understanding building/city regulations, managing financials and
scheduling and coordination of service is critical to ensure complete client satisfaction.

The ability to represent Top Hat and meet our high-end clientele expectations is paramount and will make the difference in how the industry and most importantly our clients
view us. Our clients are often first-time homeowners, and your guidance and expertise
is critical to help manage renovation expectations.


  • Minimum of 3-5 years project management experience leading high-end
    residential renovations.
  • Keen eye for recognizing and discerning fine finishes.
  • GC background or equivalent.
  • Familiar with NYC building codes and city regulations.
  • Skilled at initial design phase; building schematics
  • Experience scheduling trades and overseeing a large team of services within
  • Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to interact with architects, designers, brokers as well as trades.

    Who is Top Hat Home Services?

    We are the premier “Full-Service” boutique real estate management company
    operating in Manhattan. We provide Manhattan’s brownstone, townhouse and
    condo owners with a comprehensive management suite and white glove support
    and services that make owning a New York property a breeze.

    Our People Make Top Hat

    There’s a real sense of community and chemistry here. Our people are a little bit nicer,
    friendlier, and more collaborative. We genuinely enjoy what we do, and we come together to make a difference in our clients’ lives. We are a group that knows how to
    work hard and have fun.

    To explore this opportunity, please email your resume to: [email protected] 

Salary or Hourly Rate


Apply now:

Email resume to: [email protected] and contact Randy Goldstein at 917-685-1975 to learn more about the position.

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